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Lease and Rental Photos in this Competitive Market

Do you have a lease or rental listing that you are having a hard time finding a tenant for? In this competitive market, professional photos and a floor plan can make a huge difference!

At Good Bones Photography, I offer as few as 5 photos for $50 to cover leases and rental properties. I understand the price of professional photos might not be covered with your commission, but I'm happy to work with any and all agents on pricing that can accommodate any listing needs.

I offer FREE basic, black and white floor plans with every photoshoot! Everyone knows a floor plan on any listing makes a huge difference for the volume of traffic! Reach out to me today and we can get you scheduled to get your listing leased today.

  • L Kirby said, "Good Bones took photographs for me at a property that was listed for several months. As soon as I posted the Good Bones pictures I got lots of calls for showings. Thank you! The property leased. I appreciate that the photos we’re affordable!!!!!"

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